Thank you!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am overwhelmed with the support that has been given to this project.  You all are truly angels!  My home has become blanket central.  We have received over 400 blankets.  We didn’t quite reach our goal but have so many adorable blankets that will bless the lives of these children whom have been affected by this tragedy.

I do have a contact in Connecticut who will be delivering the blankets.  Her son attends Sandy Hook and she personally knows the needs of these children.   She is so excited to wrap these blankets around the children.

There have been many miracles in this project.  I couldn’t  have done this without the help of each one of you!  I have had monetary donations, fabric donations, willing hands to tie and bind the quilts.  Boise Cascade donated boxes to use to ship the blankets.  ABF shipping has agreed to ship the blankets for free.   Last but not least, my family has been so supportive of this project.  They have been patient with me when I didn’t have dinner on the table, clean clothes in their drawers or food in the refrigerator because I have blankets on the brain.

I feel like this project has blessed more than the children, it has blessed all who have donated.  Thank you!

I love you all!


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