Progress Report

We have received or have commitments for over 300 blankets!!!

Thank you for all of your generosity and willingness to help with this project.

Blankets for Newtown

Here is one blanket in the process of being tied.

*We will keep you updated on progress as it is made*


Doing something

I have thought a lot about the tragic events that took place on Friday. I have wanted to help in some way. I have wanted to reach out and let these families and these children know that as a nation we are praying for them and wishing the best for them. The thought came to me that maybe I could convince my family and friends to help me make enough quilts to help the community of Newtown.

When my brother died, we had loving neighbors that made each of us kids a blanket to remember my brother. During those hard days that followed I’d wrap myself up in that blanket and feel close to my brother. It’s one of my prize possessions to this day.

Growing up, a homemade flannel quilt always made me feel safe and loved.  That is the feeling I would like to give these children. I know that it will take much more than a quilt but maybe a quilt could help a little. If you are interested in helping, please let me know. This could get out of control really fast if we don’t stay organized.

The quilts need to be flannel on both sides, 45 x 60 with 11 ounce batting and tied with yarn. They need to be done by January 10th.

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